Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Secret to Making the Law of Attraction Work

If you’re on this site you have probably read The Secret
book or watched the movie and are looking to understand how to make the law of
attraction work for you. As for me, I’ve read or watched the movie a number of
times. What has really impressed me about the concept of the
law of attraction
is how it can be used to manifest abundance in every part of my life.

When I first read The Secret book, the law attraction
seemed simple, just think about what you want and it will happen. Over the
years I come to understand that it isn’t really that simple. Manifesting what
you desire is more than simply thinking about something. Don’t get me wrong,
there are people who can just think about something and they receive it. For
me, and I suspect most people it is not that simple. I needed to overcome some
‘stinkin thinking’ as Zig Ziglar calls it in order to begin achieving what I
really desire.

I realized that in order to do this I was going to have to
delve deeper into the law of attraction.
The Secret book and The Secret movie
were a good introduction but I needed more. I needed a step by step plan on how
to change my ‘stinkin thinkin’ into a powerful belief system that would allow me
to manifest abundance in any aspect of my life.

To do this I turned to the people who where quoted in the
book. My favorite person is Bob Proctor. What I found in him was someone who
could go beyond the first level and give me the detailed information that I
needed to be successful. If you are not familiar with Bob’s work, he is someone
who can take a concept and systematize it. He transforms the law attraction
into a step by step process that I could easily follow and be successful.

I discovered Bob’s course on the 11 Forgotten Laws and in
it found exactly what I needed. In this course he talked about the key to
successful living, why things don’t manifest and why a persons mind is their
biggest enemy; the ‘stinkin thinkin’ part. You must change this ‘stinkin
thinkin’. If you do, you can manifest those things that you desire in your

We all know people who have created a beautiful life. They
have abundance in every aspect of their lives. We also know people who want an
abundant life and yet live a life of scarcity. What’s the difference? It’s how
you feel inside. Many people want to have money for instance and yet when they
think about money, deep down inside, they feel uneasy.

I changed this one aspect of my life and a whole new world
opened up.

If you’ve been frustrated by you’re attempts to manifest
what you desire, take my recommendations and change your thinking. When you do
you’ll find the law attraction will work in a positive way for you.

Happy Manifesting!